Technal is the A-brand of Norsk Hydro, the Norwegian group whose business focuses on aluminium extrusion-based solutions; the plastic shaping of preheated aluminium. Technal is present in Europe, Latin America and South Africa. It is engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of aluminium glazing systems for commercial, public and residential buildings. Technal focusses on innovative aluminium extrusion-based solutions and uses cutting-edge technology that benefits both the users and the environment.

We have chosen Technal, because they were willing to create the revolutionary four sliding door system, especially for Costafiore Gardens, therefore an opening is possible on both sides for 75%.

All frames have a design with elegant lines and non-visible hardware which translates into a clean look of the windows and sliding doors.

The uniqueness about the frames in our project is that the sliding doors to the terraces are custom made to best benefit the needs of our buyers. The frames are from Technal’s Soleal line and consists out of minimalistic opening frames. The doors consist out of 4 panels which can be opened both ways. Because the panels open both ways and you can open 3 panels at the same time there is a smooth transition from the indoors to the outdoors. It makes that the terrace is part of your living room and therefore enlarges you living space.

The frames will be provided with Templa Lite Azur glass which considerably reduces the warmth coming in to the apartments and penthouses. The glass is colourless and without mirror effect which ensure a free view to the outdoors.

Because of the use of cutting edge technology the doors are easy to operate and slide smoothly over the rail frames. The colour is RAL 7022, with the name “Umbra Grey” perfectly chosen by our architect Ventura Morón.