The floor tiles come from the Urban Collection by Venis, one of Porcelanosa’s innovative divisions. The Urban Collection is a timeless collection, which will never get boring. The earthy tones and matt finish ensure that the Urban Collection creates a warm ambiance with a distinctly modern look.

The tiles will be laid both in the flat and on the terraces, creating open and continuous spaces and a connection between inside and outside.

The dimensions of the floor tiles will be 100cm x 100cm and there will be a choice of 4 different colours, which is very special in Spanish projects, but not for Costafiore Gardens, where the customer experience is the most important thing.

With regards to the tiles for the walls in the bathroom a decission between 3 different tiles can be made.

With regards to the tiles in the shower a decission can be made between 3 different colours.

For the terrace and the showers, the tiles will be provided with an anti-slip layer to ensure your safety.



The toilet is of the type Arquitect. It is a wall-hung toilet and therefore takes up less space in the bathroom. The toilet has a double flush button to save water.

From the brand Noken, all bathrooms are equipped with the Tec Round. This thermostatic shower column has a built-in wax thermos element with save touch technology. The shower head is round and the shower has a telescopic slide rod with slide holder and extra hand shower. The shower has a chrome finish.

All bathrooms have a hanging bathroom cabinet with a glossy white finish. The bathroom furniture is equipped with a manual self-closing drawer. A sleek, simple but sophisticated design. The tap is round and has a chrome finish. The countertop is of solid plastic of the brand Urban by Porcelanosa and has an integrated sink.