Architect Ventura Morón Carrillo about VOLUME International Architects and their philosophy

The Costafiore Gardens project is a reference project of our studio VOLUME International Architects, a studio composed of professionals trained in various and complementary fields such as Architecture, Urbanism and Heritage Restoration in Estepona. Our objectives and our commitment to the cultural and social function of our profession are based on easy communication, professionalism and efficiency.

It has been a personal and professional challenge for a Spanish studio to integrate with the vision of a Dutch promoter, making mutual efforts to create synergy and effective cooperation for both parties.

Through this collaboration, we have been able to develop a high quality product, both in the design of the exterior and the conception of the interior spaces. The three buildings are designed in the Mediterranean tradition, but completely modern: white buildings with large terraces, where the transition from inside to outside is fluid, due to extra-large sliding doors that connect the terraces to the houses, with the idea of forming one whole. For the terraces, maximum sunlight was sought, while shady and semi-shady areas were created by means of pergolas, which are fundamental compositional elements of the complex.

The apartments are equipped with all modern comforts and technologies, aimed at a pleasant and quality life. Although 40 apartments could have been planned, we decided to reduce the number in order to increase the quality. The result is spacious homes, full of light, designed on the basis of a careful study. We are delighted with the unique architecture, which we are now able to realise for this special project.



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