We are a company with international and national experience in a wide variety of projects; residential, healthcare buildings, comercial, hotels,etc. We believe in the balance between the client’s needs and our professional advice to arrive at an ideal solution. We like to be involved in all the phases of the Project; coordinating from the inception to the conception of the projects and and its build management inside of the calendar and budget accorded with the client. We look carefully after each project, dedicating special attention to the correct distribution of the spaces, combining different materials, furniture and illumination,always adapting to each client. Our team is young, enthusiastic and talented composed of all kinds of specialized professionals of different fields such as engineers, designers and architects.

Our aim for Costafiore Gardens phase 2 is to continue with the spirit of phase 1 in every sense; formally, functionally and architecturally making both phases one only. The transition paths and common spaces must have a continuity as well as the separation and ways to relate the residential blocks. Its disposition must be according to the environment and the natural levels of the plot. However, we will find new different elements in the common spaces of phase 2 such as the heated pool and a co-working space in alternation with more green spaces.







Borja Postigo Jimenez
Calle San Juan Nº 3
29670 San Pendro Alcántara
Málaga, Spain